On-Site Express In-Shop Common Rates

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A basic troubleshooting & diagnostics service will determine the issue with your device. Diagnostics can be the most troubling and time intensive part of the repair. Generally diagnostics are completed within 24 hours. The diagnostic fee may cover quick fixes and basic services but is generally used to get an accurate estimate of the repair. Virus removal, OS reloads, Tune-Ups, and hardware replacement would be additional.
Did you purchase all the components online to build your system but don't have the time, patience or will to assemble, test, burn-in, install the OS, update drivers & systems updates? Let our expert techs do it for you. Just bring your box(s) of components & Windows License in and our techs will professionally build your system. What's included
  • Build System Hardware (Supplied from customer)
  • OS Installation (Windows or Linux)
  • Updates System Drivers
  • Critical Operating System Updates
  • Testing of System & Internet
  • Install Microsoft Antivirus (Optional)
Please note: This is for standard desktop PCs. Custom cabling, servers, non-factory assembled watercooling systems and overclocking are additional.
Why is our virus removal variable? Well, not all viruses, spyware, malware, and adware are created equally. Some are more easily cleaned and repaired than others. Why should you have to pay the top price for the quick & easy ones. However, some are very difficult to remove and can cause massive damage to the operating system, these however, cost more due to the time needed to clean & repair the system.
The in-shop labor rate is $89.00 per hour with a $49.00 minimum for small fixes. Rush jobs and Same-Day Service extra.
A complete fresh installation of Windows, Mac OS X or Linux will be performed. We can backup important data, pictures, music, favorites, email and other personal data prior to the installation. Data can be transferred back on the system, to new or customer supplied external hard drive or flash drive. Please note: additional programs, printers and external hardware may require installation by the customer. What is included:
  • OS Installation
  • Updates System Drivers
  • Critical Operating System Updates
  • Testing of System & Internet
What would be additional services
  • Data Backup & Restore
  • Additional Software Installations
  • Printer Driver(s)
  • Dualboot Configurations